6pcs Red Velvet Mini Lipsticks Set
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6pcs Red Velvet Mini Lipsticks Set


Meet Red Velvet, a limited-edition collection of six mini lipsticks. 

6 colors to choose from:

  • Queen: Classic Red
  • Desire: Brick Red
  • Fascination: Warm Vintage Brown Coral
  • Passion: Reddish Brown
  • Adore: Oxblood Red
  • Blush: Color Changing Lip Balm

Our formula delivers creamy, full-coverage color in a single swipe, long lasting while it moisturizes and softens your lips.  Choose the perfect shade to accompany your look from day to night.  We made these lipsticks deluxe mini sizes, super convenient for your pocket on the go or during travels.

Size: 1.5g x 6pcs